Taking care of horses doesn’t stop just because it snows, and this year has been snowy. Yesterday, we had a half-dozen bags of pelletized bedding to take out to the barn and I wanted to test the Mule 4010 in the snow.

About the Kawasaki Mule: It’s a 2021 Mule 4010 EPS (Electric Power Steering).

Snow depth right now is around 11 to 13 inches depending on where you measure it, so we’ll call it a foot. Ground clearance on the Mule 4010 is 6.9 inches, so in the heavy areas, you really start pushing the snow up into a barrier that you can’t get past without backing up.

That said, after a few tries and creating a bit of a path, I was able to get through to my intended destination.

I realize driving through a foot of snow is likely beyond the normal use for most folks, and probably not recommended by the manufacturer, but it was good to know that the Mule 4010 could make it eventually.

Anything more than a foot of snow and I think it would have gotten bogged down and needed a tug from another vehicle.

Overall, we’ve been impressed with the Mule 4010 and it performed quite well given the circumstances.

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