The other day we found our horses in a pasture they weren’t supposed to be in. To our surprise, several of our gate latches were no longer working after the winter thaw loosened up our gate posts. Luckily, the horses hadn’t walked out the front gate that wasn’t fully latched!

This is a relatively easy fix. To make the gate latch align, we have to look at the gate and the hinges for the solution. To fix a sagging gate, we tighten or loosen the top or bottom attachment bolt. This is the part that the gate hinges on. These bolts can be tightened or loosened in order to make the gate a little longer, shorter, or angled one way or the other.

If the gate is sagging, you want to make the top screw-bolt-hinge shorter by screwing it in more. You may also need to make the lower bolt longer depending on how much the gate is sagging.

We use the following two gate latches. We like them both, but the Speeco brand blends better with our gates. They are both sturdy and well made, and the price fluctuates:


Check out our video on how to fix a sagging gate:

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